Easy Bathroom Remodeling Tips for House Flippers

Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Fix and Flip Investors

If you’ve taken on a house flipping project or are thinking about it, you probably know that the bathroom can make or break you. Because an outdated bathroom can be intimidating and off putting to a potential buyer, its important to make sure that you’ve properly remodeled and renovated any bathrooms in a home you’re planning to fix and flip. Bathroom renovations can be costly, but there are plenty of easy steps you can take to inexpensively elevate any bathroom you’re working on. Updated bathrooms are crucial to selling your home for a good price, and nearly 100% of the money you put into a bathroom renovation can be recouped upon selling the home.

Here are 5 Easy Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Real Estate Investors

  1. Cut back on tile. Although tile is aesthetically pleasing, it can get pricey. To cut down on your costs, look for ways to use less tile. Using tile in more noticeable areas, such as the floor, instead of less noticeable areas, such as inside the shower stall, can be a great way to cut back on tile. You can also choose to tile one strip and paint the rest.
  1. Save money on your counter tops. Most home buyers are looking for granite counter tops. While granite counter tops can be expensive, there are a couple of ways to cut back on the cost. Neutral colors, like beige, brown, and off white, are more popular so they tend to be more expensive. Consider choosing a less popular color that isn’t as pricey. You can also choose to use a slab of granite that has imperfections in it. Slabs with imperfections tend to be much less expensive, and you can often work around the imperfection by cutting it out for a sink hole.
  1. Paint. Paint is always a great, inexpensive way to freshen up a room and make it look new. Painting the walls, molding, baseboards, window and door trim, doors, and cabinets can make an old dingy bathroom look brand new.
  1. Fixtures. Updating the fixtures is also an inexpensive way to really elevate a bathroom. Don’t forget the faucets, door handles, door hinges, cabinet door handles, and light fixtures. Try scouring yard sales and thrift stores for new light fixtures at a fraction of the price of new fixtures. You can also paint old light fixtures to make them look brand new.
  1. Caulk and grout. Old and dirty caulk and grout can really make a bathroom look old and dated. You can easily and cheaply dig out the old caulk and grout and replace it yourself. Caulk and grout are both inexpensive items you can pick up at your local home improvement store.

Remodeling a bathroom doesn’t have to be a money pit. Stick to your home renovation budget by following some of our easy tips. For more information on a hard money loan to fund your flip, call us or fill out our easy online approval form today!