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 Alpha Funding was founded in 2007 to meet the financing needs of the real estate investment market throughout the tri-state area. As credit markets have tightened traditional financing for investment and development projects have become scarce. Alpha has enabled its borrowers to capitalize on various opportunities including rehabs, reo’s, foreclosures, new construction and other value added projects.

Alpha Funding utilizes over 30 years of combined real estate experience to evaluate its projects. Our team has been involved in the approvals development and construction of  both residential and commercial projects over the years.  We have taken this knowledge and created Alpha Funding Solutions which was designed  to provide fast and flexible private funding for real estate projects.


Mark Callazzo, CEO
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MARK CALLAZZO – CEO, Alpha Funding Solutions

Mark’s success in the Real Estate Industry began in 1990, with his involvement in Real Property Consulting, Valuation and Analysis. As one of New Jersey’s foremost experts on Property Evaluation, Mark Callazzo has over 20 years of experience and heads up RMS Statewide Title and Appraisal Services, one of the largest residential title and appraisal businesses in the state. Mark provides expert testimony as well as consulting services on real estate evaluation.

Mark parlayed his expertise in appraisal business to real estate investment. His experience spans from development and approvals to construction and management. Mark’s ability to understand even the most complex deals and break it down into a simple manner has not only helped his own investment portfolio but the borrowers that Alpha Funding Solutions serves.

Mark founded Alpha Funding Solutions in 2007 to meet the financing needs of Real Estate Investors throughout the tri-state Area. As CEO of Alpha Funding Mark leads the underwriting team and has developed a quick and easy process to get borrowers from application to closing. Mark received his BA in Economics from Kean University and his MBA with a concentration in Finance from Monmouth University. Mark is very active in the service organization Rotary International and was a Chairman of the Board of Shore Community Bank, Jackson Branch.

Alpha Funding Solutions is a private asset-based lender in the Northeast (New Jersey, New York- 5 boroughs, Philadelphia, PA). The company was initially founded in 2007 to meet the needs of real estate investors doing fix and flip projects and has since become an industry leader in this space. We have provided funding to over 350 borrowers in loan sizes varying from $100,000 to $10,000,000. These loans enabled our borrowers to capitalize on opportunities in the real estate market that is not fundable through traditional sources. Over the past few years Alpha has expanded its loan products which include various commercial projects such as ground-up construction, bridge loans, joint ventures, note acquisition, tenant improvements, and debt restructuring across all asset classes. We do funding in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Alpha currently focuses on fix & flip projects, commercial bridge loans, debt restructuring and fix & hold projects.

David Hansel, President & Co-Owner
David Hansel, President & Co-Owner

DAVID HANSEL – President, Alpha Funding Solutions 

David is the President & Co-Owner of Alpha Funding Solutions a premier hard money lending company throughout the Northeast. Alpha provides time sensitive capital in the form of debt, equity and joint ventures to builders, developers and rehabbers throughout the north east for new construction, commercial bridge and fix and flip projects.  Under his leadership, the company has built out and scaled a comprehensive origination, underwriting and servicing system focused on providing best in class service.

David is also responsible for raising and managing the company’s capital needs through Alpha’s proprietary investor program which allows high net worth individuals, insurance company’s and hedge funds to lend side by side with Alpha. To date, the company has deployed over $260m returning profits north of $25m to its investor partners. In addition, his company manages their own portfolio consisting of 62 doors and has completed over 75 rehabs and new construction project ranging from residential homes to condo projects and apartment buildings

Michael Strasser, Vice President of Operations
Michael Strasser, Vice President of Operations

Michael Strasser – Vice President of Operations, Alpha Funding Solutions

Michael Strasser is the Vice President of Operations for Alpha Funding Solutions and joined our team in August 2013.

Michael has a Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers and a Master’s Degree from the New School. He has worked in several fields as a paralegal for real estate and immigration law firms and was an Assistant Producer for a Satellite Radio Program.

Currently, Michael heads the operations and underwriting department for Alpha and coordinates day to day activities. He also oversees our underwriting process.

When asked for a piece of advice on hard money loans, Strasser says, “For hard Money, always find the right deal, not any deal.” Michael enjoys everything to do with technology and in his free time he likes to travel to new places and play video games.

Thank you, Michael, for being such an important part of the Alpha Team!

Patrick Szymanski
Patrick Szymanski

Patrick Szymanski – Chief Financial Officer, Alpha Funding Solutions

Patrick Szymanski is the Chief Financial Officer of Alpha Funding Solutions. Patrick joined Alpha in September 2015.

He is a CPA with over 20 years’ experience working in various accounting and finance positions at Top 10 Homebuilders.

Currently, Pat handles all aspects of Alpha’s real estate loan accounting and finance.

When we asked him for a piece of advice on hard money loans, Patrick said, “Less is more. Avoid using hard money on multiple deals at the same time. Avoid the stress of maintaining the loan payments on these loans while juggling multiple rehab projects.”

Thank you, Patrick, for being such an important part of the Alpha Team!

Kyle Altenau
Kyle Altenau

Kyle Altenau – Underwriter, Alpha Funding Solutions

Kyle Altenau is an Underwriter for Alpha Funding Solutions and joined our team in March 2014.

Kyle has a background in Systems Engineering and currently handles underwriting for any deals that come in through Alpha.

When asked for advice on hard money loans, Kyle says, “The biggest advice on hard money I could give would be to always take guidance from more experienced or more specialized sources for particular situations. Always be willing to learn from mistakes and make adjustments.”

Thank you, Kyle, for being such an important part of the Alpha Team!

Matthew Weber
Matthew Weber

Matthew Weber – Vice President of Business Development, Alpha Funding Solutions

Matthew Weber is the Vice President of Business Development for Alpha Funding Solutions. Weber joined our team in July 2016.

Before Alpha, Matt worked in Performance as a Personal Trainer. He received his bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Minored in Exercise Physiology. He worked in Health and Fitness for 10 years before making the jump in Real Estate Finance.

Currently, Matt heads Alpha Funding Solutions’ business development and sales efforts.

Matt enjoys being active whether its working out, playing golf, or spending time with his family.

Thank you, Matt, for being such an important part of the Alpha Team!

Victoria Forte
Victoria Forte

Victoria Forte – Loan Processor, Alpha Funding Solutions

Victoria Forte is the Vice President of Marketing for Alpha Funding Solutions and joined our team in September 2017.

Prior to working at Alpha, Victoria worked in recruiting and event planning at a large investment bank in Manhattan. She was responsible for the coordination of the campus and lateral hiring efforts as well as event planning for the firm.

Victoria leads Alpha Funding Solutions’ marketing initiatives, event coordination and sales efforts.

When asked for her favorite quote, Forte chose, “Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small and in return, life – and travel – leaves marks on you.” – Anthony Bourdain.

Thank you, Victoria, for being such an important part of the Alpha Team!

Krystle Bailey
Krystle Bailey

Krystle Bailey – Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Alpha Funding Solutions

Krystle Bailey is the sales & marketing coordinator for Alpha Funding Solutions. Krystle joined our team in November 2018

Before Alpha, I worked as a journalist and social media marketing director. I earned my Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Stockton University

Krystle continues to use her expertise in sales, communications and marketing at Alpha. Krystle is also known as “The softer side of hard money”.

Her favorite quote is, “And, as we let our own light shine, we consciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Marianne Williamson

Thank you, Krystle, for being such an important part of the Alpha Team!

Susan Fontano
Susan Fontano

Susan Fontano – Executive Administrative Assistant, Alpha Funding Solutions

Prior to joining Alpha, Susan spent 28 years in medical billing.

Initially, When Susan joined our team, she did everything from opening new files for a new borrower to releasing the mortgage when it was paid off. Also, she sent and kept track of all wires, deposits and any other important documents that came into the office. She’s filled out many forms to form new LLC’S and opened up new bank accounts as needed, etc. She works alongside the CEO of the company and makes sure whatever needs to be done, gets done quickly and efficiently.

When asked for Susan’s favorite quote, she says “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela.
In Susan’s free time, she enjoys cooking, spending time with family, watching her daughters compete in martial arts, dance, and pole vaulting.

Thank you Susan, for being such an important part of the Alpha Team!

Anthony Catalano
Anthony Catalano

Anthony Catalano – Construction Manager, Alpha Funding Solutions

Anthony Catalano is our Construction Manager. Anthony Joined the Alpha Funding Solutions team January 2016.

Anthony brings over 15 years of onsite job skills and construction/project management experience to our team.

He handles all on site construction management for our borrowers’ projects.

When asked for his favorite quote, Anthony says, “If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.” – Mario Andretti

Thank you, Anthony, for being such an important part of the Alpha Team!